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syme wifi thermostat

Save 30% of your home's energy bill

BVF SYME is programmable and provides remote access from any kind of smart deivece. Every room thermostat is equipped with 16A relay and external sensor as well. We have developed a special ventillation effect , our internal sensor is more precise than ever.

SYME measures and controls the temperature of air and of the surface (in floor heating mode) at the same time. The user friendly touchscreen operating panel gets dark after use, and it will be actived by touching again.

Programing of your heating system is not a mass of codes and icons any more.


Savings with SYME

Impressive APP design and functions

Our fully responsive user interface will help you to save energy from any kind of smart device such as mobile phone, tablet, smart TV and PC. All you need to do is just download the APP and identify your thermostat in 4 steps.

Every room can get its own name by function and a photo as well. Monitoring of the real-time temperatures will help you maximize your savings and comfort.


Capacity: 3600W
Voltage: 110V / 230V
Application: iOS, Android
Standby cons. 2W
Sensor: 2x NTC 10K
PRG options 5+1+1, four cycles each day