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Several sizes and two different capacities are available to fit the room. BVF H-MAT heating mats with sizes between 1 to 12 m2 are operated from standard mains power. H-MAT has a 2.5 meter connecting cable for easy connection to the controller unit.


Since 2005. CALEO film heaters are one of best selling floor heating elements in the european market. Our heating products meet the highest quality requirements and standards. The manufacturing plants operate in compliance with standard ISO 9001, with top-level quality control, using the most up-to-date materials.


With and overall thickness of 3.8mm of H-MAT heating mats do not require any extra space. I will fit perfectly into the tile adhesive without raising the floor level. The flexible structure of the net allows adjusting the heated area to any challenging layout by simply cutting the plastic net where needed. Self-adhesive bottom of the mesh helps fixing the H-MAT until final covering.

Simply fits in the tile adhesive

BVF H-MAT 100 and 150 series is a perfect choice for complete or supplementary floor heating. Our twin conductor heating mats are easy to install within the flexible adhesive layer of ceramic floor tiles without significant increase of the floor level. Thanks to BVF’s programmable controllers, temperatures of the air and floor are easy to adjust. Heating cables will dynamically change temperature to desired values, taking into consideration the room function and actual time of your stay.


  • Low installation thickness
  • Strong adhesive on the net
  • Quick installation
  • Maintenance free operation
  • 10 years extended warranty
  • Bathroom applicaton
  • Fluoropolymer coating


Power output: 100W / m2; 150W / m2
Sizes: 1.0-12.0 m(width 50cm)
Cable type: Double isolated
Cable spacing: 112mm; 80mm
Cable diameter: 3,8mm
Heating cable isolation: Fluoropolymer
Fixing: Net with adhesive
Cold lead: 2,5m length, grounded
Packaging: Carton box


Floor heating thermostat

BVF SYME is mainly developed for electric floor heating with 2x NTC sensors and a 16A relay.

Our fully responsive user interface will help you to save energy from any kind of smart device such as mobile phone, tablet, smart TV and PC. All you need to do is just download the APP and identify your thermostat in 4 steps.

Every room can get its own name by function and a photo as well. Monitoring of the real-time temperatures will help you maximize your savings and comfort.

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